IVF & Infertility Treatment Financial Assistance

Infertility insurance companies do not exist to make your treatment affordable. Health insurance companies issue plans that sometimes cover infertility treatments such as hormone stimulating medications, artificial insemination, to In Vitro Fertilization, but most often do not.

Couples often ask the wrong questions about finding coverage for their treatments. There are no companies specializing in infertility policies. Most healthcare plans will not cover infertility unless subject to a state mandate.

Therefore, learn to ask different questions when looking for creative ways to pay for IVF and other expensive protocols.

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IVF Refund Programs: Two Hidden Advantages Revealed

Fertility clinics offer In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) refund programs to encourage more patients to try the treatment. The money-back-guarantee lets couples adopt if treatment does not work. The clinics design programs where patients share risks. Most couples pay more, so …
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Paying for IVF with Bad Credit: Two Approval Strategies

Paying for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or any other infertility treatment with bad credit will not be easy. Couples need strategies to find financing. Finance companies often reject consumers with a record of missed payments in their credit reports. Opting …
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Afford Tubal Reversal With Low Monthly Payment Plans

Payment plans can help reduce the initial financial burden, enabling tubal and Essure reversal patients to concentrate on regaining fertility. Lowering the monthly payments makes the surgery more budget-friendly. However, only cost-cutting increases affordability; financing typically increases costs. Critical Points …
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Can You Get Your Tubes Untied Free? | Aim For Affordable

Can you get your fallopian tubes untied for free so you can get pregnant again? Reversing tubal sterilization comes with financial challenges because the voluntary procedure was intended as a permanent form of birth control. This post will teach you …
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How Much Is Artificial Insemination: Single Women, Twins

People wanting to know how much artificial insemination costs should consider the intended outcome (becoming pregnant). These delayed ramifications impact single women most severely because they do not have a partner to provide financial support. These delayed consequences become magnified …
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Can you Reverse Tubal Ligation Naturally, Without Surgery?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could naturally get pregnant after tubal ligation and avoid the expense, health risks, and anxiety associated with an invasive medical intervention? Of course, it would be terrific! Circumstances change. One day, you want your …
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Health Insurance That Covers IVF: Non-Group & Self-Pay

Where do you turn if your employer does not offer health insurance covering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and you cannot afford the treatment? Non-group plans are the first alternative worth exploring. Couples living in the eight states with legal mandates …
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Free Vasectomy Reversal: Getting Insurance to Cover Costs

Where can you find free vasectomy reversal when the average cost ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the complexity? Get a deep-pocketed third party to pay most of the charges: your health insurance company. How do you get insurance …
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How Much It Costs To Reverse Tubal Ligation Surgery

How much does it cost to get your fallopian tubes untied if you change your mind about having more children in the future? Life circumstances often evolve. Tubal ligation reversal surgery is expensive – and rarely covered by insurance. Defining …
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Tubal Reversal Under $3,000: Health Insurance Or HSA?

Getting tubal reversal under $3,000 near you is possible without finding a local surgeon willing to perform the procedure at this meager price. The secret is finding ways to get a deep-pocket third party to pick up most of your …
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IVF is Tax Deductible | How to Get the Most Money Back

How much money will you get back in taxes for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? The amount of your refund depends on your marginal tax bracket, your adjusted gross income, the total of your itemized deductions, and your ability to implement …
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IVF Financial Assistance: Grants, Scholarships, & Free Care

Finding financial assistance for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) requires creativity and an open mind to alternative labels because the demand for free money consistently exceeds the supply. Other online resources provide long lists of foundations that offer IVF grants or …