New York short term disability for pregnancy fills an big maternity leave hole. Replace a greater portion of your income in the event you are unable to work after a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, but also in case of complications, postpartum problems, or an illness or injury.

How long can you pay your bills on $170 per week? For a New Yorker earning $52,000 per year, $170 per week amounts to an 83% reduction in income. Supplement what the state might pay by purchasing extra coverage.

NY Short Term Disability Pregnancy

New York short term disability insurance can add to the amount paid by the state, and increases the number of people who are covered. Most private plans will replace a higher percentage of income, for a longer period of time, for a wider array of workers. Learn how personal short term disability works in NY and many others states as well.

Women who are planning to give birth have the greatest need. Childbirth is a covered medical condition, and is connected with lost income.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

NY short term disability insurance for pregnancy bed rest helps put your mind at ease. Many women need to leave work long before her due date. Doctors often diagnose complications of pregnancy and ask that mom stop working.

Twenty five percent of pregnancies will experience one of more complications, so chances are quite high that that you might need to stop working much earlier than planned: perhaps months ahead of schedule. At this point, $170 per week seems even smaller and less adequate.

Learn how to increase income in case of pregnancy bed rest. Then get a policy.

Maternity Leave

New York short term disability insurance for maternity leave also increases income during your recovery from normal childbirth. Normal childbirth is a medical event many plan in advance, so take advantage of your plans.

One hundred percent of normal pregnancies require mom to miss at least six weeks of work. The state mandated program may make payments for up to 12 weeks, but at $170 per week many women simply can’t afford to take that much time.

Compare the supplemental policy cost against the amount of extra maternity pay benefits you might receive upon delivery. There is a six week payment for vaginal delivery and an eight week payment for c-section birth – but how does the math all work out? In most cases the benefit amount for normal childbirth is far greater than the premiums, which is why these policies are only available as employee benefits.

Postpartum Disorders

NY short term disability insurance also covers postpartum disorders that occur after childbirth. These medical problems may delay your return to work. Any extension at $170 per week could hurt family finances.

Ten percent of women will experience postpartum disorders that may delay return to work. Postpartum depression is a common malady that causes absence from work and lost productivity.

Make sure you buy a policy before getting pregnant. Postpartum disorders that are biologically based may also be covered when the policy begins prior to conception.

New York Laws

New York has several laws that relate to workers during a disability.

Disability Laws

New York short term disability insurance laws have unique requirements for companies doing business inside its borders. Carriers commonly introduce new policy options all across the country long before getting approval here.

State-based carrier

The most obvious difference is the company that will underwrite your policy. Regulations require that any company issuing policies to residents must be headquartered in New York. Many carriers have home offices outside of New York, and they either set up a subsidiary company, or partner with an established carrier in order to conduct business in a compliant manner.

Disability and unemployment

Another unique requirement pertains to your becoming disabled during a period of unemployment. Your policy may be required to pay benefits if you are under the care of a doctor, kept at home, and unable to perform two or more activities of daily living. An activity of daily living is defined as:

  • Dressing – putting on or taking off clothing
  • Transferring – moving into or out of a chair or bed
  • Eating – feeding yourself a prepared meal
  • Preparing meals
  • Toileting – maintaining a reasonable level of personal hygiene

Maternity Leave

New York maternity leave laws consist exclusively of federal regulations designed to protect certain classes of workers. The federal laws that may protect your rights and provide unpaid job protections include:

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Impact on Commuters

New York shares a border with two commonwealths that have separate maternity leave regulations. Since these laws apply based upon where you work, rather than where you live, people who commute from these neighboring states may lose those job protections.

Infertility Mandate

Many women become pregnant through the help of fertility treatments. The NY infertility mandate makes the treatments more affordable for couples. Any couple trying to conceive should purchase supplemental short term disability prior to their next cycle.

State Disability Insurance

The State of New York has mandatory short term disability coverage which is woefully lacking. Benefits are payable for off the job accidents and illnesses only at $170 per week. But if you are not working due to a covered condition, it sure can’t hurt. You can learn more about the NY state program on a separate page.

New York short term disability insurance is a great way to cover what the state program does not: an adequate percentage of your income.