Maternity Leave Benefits: Income & Job Protections

The maternity leave laws in the United States are like a box of chocolates.

You never know how much money you will get – if any at all. Plus, you never know how long your job protections will last – if at all.

Both federal and state laws combine with company policies to create a mish-mash of results. There is no average length or typical amount of paid time off.

Instead, parents have to rely on good fortune. If you work enough hours for the right employer in the right state – you are in and enjoy bonus parental leave benefits. However, parents can just as easily find themselves with zero weeks of unpaid time off.

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Couple holding help sign while looking at bills

Unpaid Maternity Leave Assistance: How To Get Money

Many state based health benefit programs fill holes in federal programs such as paid maternity leave.

Too many couples find themselves in a financial bind when mom stops working to deliver her baby, and spend time bonding with her infant. Find a variety of options to help you survive by cutting expenses or finding wage replacement benefits.

Rhode Island state emblem on peeling paint

Length of Rhode Island Parental Leave Pay & Job Rights

The state of Rhode Island has some of the most comprehensive regulations affecting growing families while on maternity leave.

Healthcare utilization is very high when mom gives birth, and lost income could be crippling. Several family-friendly regulations provide additional job security and health insurance continuation for extended pregnancy leave, along with three forms of income replacement.
Red Ohio map inside gray USA

How Long is Parental Leave in Ohio: Pay & Job Rights?

Parents suffer financial stress during family leave after childbirth. Expenses are much higher, while they may lose their income, their job, and access to health insurance coverage.

Ohio maternity leave laws provide state employees with three income replacement options. Private workers may have job security and health care continuation.

New Jersey in stars and stripes

NJ Calculator: Maternity Leave Pay | Temporary Disability

New Jersey family and maternity leave laws provide partial income replacement and extend federal job-protections and rights – both in terms of the number of people, and the total length of time.

The Garden State has some of the most generous medical leave programs in the nation, funded by a small payroll tax taken out of everyone’s check.
Illinois state emblem on white background

Illinois Paternity & Maternity Leave | FMLA & ILPLA

Paternity and maternity leave in Illinois are like a can of mixed nuts.

Some parents get twelve weeks of unpaid time off to bond with the newborn, while others must consult their employee handbook for answers.

Many new parents working for government agencies can take time off before and after childbirth with full pay, while many more must survive this period with no money coming in.
Blue Pennsylvania map with state insignia

Pennsylvania Maternity, Paternity, & Paid Family Leave

Parents having children often need optional financial assistance because they lose mom’s income. The extra medical expenses make matters more difficult as well.

Pennsylvania does not provide paid leave or have any state-based family leave regulations. Residents rely exclusively on federal family medical leave laws to protect job rights and health care continuation.
Pregnant mother reviewing loan application on her laptop computer

Can You Get A Personal Loan While on Maternity Leave?

Lack of maternity leave pay benefits is a painful reality for most parents in the United States. Compound this with extra medical bills associated with large deductibles triggered by a hospital stay.

Many parents turn to online lenders for an infusion of cash so that they can spend quality time at home bonding with their baby. Explore the pros and cons of various options.
Florida state flag

Florida Maternity Leave: How Long It Lasts, Is It Paid?

State maternity leave laws in Florida show their weaknesses most when mom and dad have to stop working after the birth of a newborn baby. Childbirth stresses resources.

There may be leftover medical bills, combined with lost income.

Losing your job could make matters worse. Learn your rights during maternity leave based on the federal laws which may apply.
Butterfly with Texas flag colors on wings

Maternity Leave in Texas: How Long It Lasts | Is It Paid?

Texas has few state-specific maternity leave laws. Federal regulations provide job protection and health continuation rights, but with qualifying criteria.

New parents have to plan accordingly and utilize savings while bonding with the newborn baby because paid time off is scarce. Those ineligible for FMLA might have to return to work sooner – unless the employee handbook of their small business employer states otherwise.
gerbera daisy flower and flag of us state of missouri

Missouri Paternity & Maternity Leave Laws | FMLA

New parents in Missouri will find the options for financial assistance during a maternity or family medical leave of absence are very sparse.

The state does not provide any paid leave benefits. On the other hand, several federal regulations do provide unpaid legal job protections for a segment of workers.

Pregnant women have exclusive rights, and workers at larger employers can take off 12 weeks without fear of losing their job.
Cactus silhouette over Arizona desert

Paternity & Maternity Leave Benefits in Arizona

New parents having children will find limited financial assistance during a leave of absence from work.

State and federal parental leave law offer very limited income protections. However, having a job and keeping access to health insurance is also very important.

Learn about the rights you could enjoy while taking time at home to recover from childbirth or to bond with your newborn baby.
Blue map of Virginia counties

Virginia Maternity-Paternity Leave (Length & Amount)

New parents working in Virginia have varying maternity leave benefits depending on their employer.

Mothers and fathers employed by the federal or state government receive far more than those working for businesses. As is often the case, unionized government workers fare better than the taxpayers supporting them regarding employee benefits.

People employed in the private sector frequently need to take proactive steps.

Blue NY State map with gold star on Albany

New York State Short-Term Disability for Maternity Leave

Maternity leave laws in New York State got a shot in the arm with the passage of the Paid Family Leave Act (PFL).

Many new parents now enjoy extended time off wage replacement which is more generous than the disability program. Of course, the NYS short-term disability plan helps if you need to stop working before birth, provided you do not exceed fourteen weeks.

White Georgia map with USA flag in background

FMLA Eligibility in Georgia: Maternity & Paternity Leave

Your maternity and paternity leave experience in Georgia will be very different depending on whether you work for the government, local school board, or a small business.

Taxpayers fund two types of paid parental leave benefits for federal and state government employees.

The same group also automatically qualifies for twelve weeks of legal job safeguards. Meanwhile, taxpayers working in the private industry who fund these benefits often get nothing: no pay or legal job protections.

Woman carrying personal effects after job layoff

Getting Unemployment During & After Maternity Leave

New parents frequently consider filing for unemployment benefits during unpaid maternity leave to find that this government program cannot help.

You are ineligible while you still have a job and are unable and unavailable for work.

However, mothers and fathers can sometimes qualify after their disability and caretaking duties end – provided they work in a state with a lenient definition for good cause reasons.