Financial Assistance Programs for Single Parents

Financial assistance programs can help single parents raise their children in a decent home, with food on the table, clothing to wear, cars to drive, and more.

Many resources do not come with obvious earmarkings for mothers and fathers struggling by themselves. Instead, you might have better success targeting programs for low-income families.

Often, you need to seek out benefits with alternate names that apply to your situation. Find the monetary help you need to make ends meet when raising children witout a spouse.

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Government Help for Single Parents with Little Income

The federal government sponsors and funds various support programs that can help single parents with low incomes to feed, clothe, and shelter their children.

Most of these federal initiatives endpoints at a state or county-level agency, so finding the correct starting point for each program can help you find the needed support most quickly.

Grants for Single Parents to Help Pay Bills | Free Money

Grants are the ideal form of financial assistance for single parents because, unlike a loan, you do not have to repay the money or incur interest charges and origination fees.

However, finding free funding is never easy because the resources are limited while competition for the benefit is fierce. Think creatively to find the help you need.

Personal Loans for Single Mothers | Bad Credit | No Income

Obtaining a personal loan online is extra challenging for single parents. People raising children on their own face difficult financial circumstances, often leading to bad credit.

While there are not any benefit programs specifically targeting one-parent families, others do assist low-income households. The breakdown of marriage often times leads to financial difficulties.

Emergency Financial Help for Single Mothers | 21 Programs

Single parents often struggle with half the income, and double the expenses and responsibility. Making ends meet is an ongoing challenge under the circumstances.

Many state programs provide financial assistance for these families. However, the aid does not always come with clear labels and directions for use. Find some help here.

Low-Income Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Financial assistance with housing is perhaps the most significant need that low-income single parents have. Rental apartments can easily swallow up the majority of your wages.

The federal government operates numerous programs, but you must apply for help through a local county agency or a non-profit charity. Go straight to the source.