Single Parent Financial Assistance Programs

Financial assistance programs can help single parents raise their children in a decent home, with food on the table, clothing to wear, cars to drive, and more.

Many resources do not come with obvious earmarkings for mothers and fathers struggling by themselves. Instead, you might have better success targeting programs for low-income families.

Often, you need to seek out benefits with alternate names that apply to your situation. Find the monetary help you need to make ends meet when raising children without a spouse.

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Single parents without pay are in a tough spot. They need cash to buy food and housing and care for their kids. Luckily, many government programs either give money or lower costs. Use every option to balance finances during this …

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Single parents often need immediate financial assistance during crises. Many have no extra money saved for unexpected costs. Single parents cannot afford to wait when short on cash. They need assistance immediately to survive. Critical Points Emergency Cash Assistance Single …

Single Parent Housing Assistance: Affordable to No-Cost

Government housing assistance programs favor families with little or no income, helping them rent apartments or houses they can afford. Single parents often qualify for help because of two things. Critical Points Government Housing Assistance Programs Single mothers and fathers …
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Getting approval for a loan is more challenging for a single parent with only one income or none. Having a bad credit history makes it even harder. Moms and dads struggle with money when raising kids alone. A loan can …
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Financial Help for Single Mothers in Texas: 28 Resources

Single moms in Texas frequently begin looking for financial assistance by searching for grants: free money you do not have to repay. Unfortunately, except for college financial aid, the federal government does not award grants to individuals directly for personal …
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Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Minnesota

Single parents frequently find it hard to earn a livable wage while caring for children all alone at the same time. A plethora of benefits can make it easier to survive financially. Programs offering financial assistance for single mothers in …
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Single Father Financial Help: Government & Organizations

Single fathers often need more financial help than their female counterparts because men typically must fund alimony and child support in addition to their everyday living expenses. Unfortunately, some non-government organizations are more sympathetic to the plight of women facing …
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Hardship Grants for Single Mothers: Free Money To Pay Bills

The government does not provide grants directly to single mothers or fathers for personal use as the money flows from federal agencies to state departments, non-profit organizations, and colleges. However, a world of opportunity awaits when you employ a modest …