Childcare Expense Financial Assistance Programs

Many government programs provide help with childcare to enable parents to work, develop skills, and support their families. Low-income families qualify for the assistance most frequently.

Like many government benefits, no resource provides the complete answer. Parents must cobble together a list of programs and apply to each one.

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Baby spreading spaghetti over face, hands, and chest

How Much Does a NICU Stay Cost with Medical Insurance?

Having a good health insurance plan is only half the battle of keeping the cost of having a baby within reach. Not every pregnancy goes as planned.

Your infant may deliver pre-term or begin life with medical complications requiring an extended stay in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Even the best coverage will result in significant leftover expenses.

Parents should learn what to expect and how to minimize the damage.

Benefits Available For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Many people look forward to their golden years as a time to travel and enjoy the free time of empty nesters.

However, things don’t always go as planned. Grandparents raising grandchildren is a new trend as substance abuse, and other issues sideline the younger generation of parents.

Fortunately, many government benefits are available to help.
parents with special needs child

Financial Assistance for Parents of Special Needs Children

Parents of children with special needs face a lifetime of extra expenses not covered by insurance, such as travel, medical bills, therapies (art, swim, speech, occupational), caretaking, and more. Learning about the many financial assistance options that exist at an early age pays enormous dividends over time because the requirements continue indefinitely.

Government benefits, private grants, and getting paid for caretaking make a difference.

Twins infants in pink born pre-term

Government Assistance for Premature Babies | NICU Parents

New parents of multiple babies born early face unreimbursed medical expenses such as insurance deductibles and out of network charges.

You could also incur unexpected non-medical fees such as travel, parking, and lodging. Now add in lost income for both mom and dad, who often must stop working or lose their jobs.

Finding every conceivable form of financial help is now critical.
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Dependent Care FSA Rules | Non-Working Spouses, Expenses

Parents with young children can save thousands of dollars every year by contributing to a Dependent Care FSA.

You might want to investigate flexible spending account eligibility rules if one spouse is not working, or if your child attended virtual camp during the COVID pandemic.