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According to Creating a Family, the average couple spends $20,000 on infertility treatments.

However, the average for couples successfully having a baby climbs to $48,000!

When you want to get pregnant, it’s no secret that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a highly effective and sought after option for hopeful couples…

But at what cost?

As if it wasn’t enough to deal with the trials of infertility itself, IVF is rarely covered by health insurance because it isn’t seen as a necessity. This leaves couples facing costs up to $15,000 per cycle without even guaranteeing that they will bring home a baby – which is all they want.

Get access to the “How to pay IVF without Insurance” e-book – for just $49.95.

Borrowing money to pay for IVF without insurance can break the family bank!

Your fertility clinic probably will not tell you about the deadly one-two monetary punch probably coming your way after you conceive –

1 – the sharp increase in medical and non-medical expenses
2 – the lost income during mom’s extended unpaid maternity leave

How can you possibly make your large monthly loan payments under these conditions?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a crystal clear path with honest,
practical answers to the questions we have about IVF?

The misinformation and contradictory advice regarding IVF on online forums and unofficial websites steer already lost people down rabbit holes of more confusion. If you’re a person seeking IVF treatment, you know what it’s like to feel the helplessness of not knowing what’s true…

And have you noticed yet that the most reliable information comes from self-interested providers who have a monetary interest in your choices? IVF is a sensitive topic and couples need an objective source of guidance that does not benefit from their medical treatments.

Wouldn’t be awesome if there was a source out there that led you down a clear cut path
with step by step answers to getting IVF without the detrimental costs associated with it?

You don’t have to stress anymore. Kevin Haney, the founder of Growing Family Benefits has put together an essential guide for any couple seeking IVF without spending everything penny they’ve got.

How to pay for IVF without insurance ebook

How to Pay for IVF without Insurance: 4 Ways to Get Pregnant Without Going Broke is the ultimate e-book for any couple serious about IVF today.


Because with our extensive experience with insurance, consumer credit, and other financial topics, we provide an objective roadmap to help couples navigate through a complex web of options with serious real-world consequences.

Think of this e-book as your compass in a dark, unknown jungle.

It will strategically breakdown the 4 key choices that
couples must make when deciding on IVF Treatment.

We will share with you –

  1. How to find insurance directly covering related services
  2. Leveraging the tax code to maximum advantage
  3. Borrowing money to pay for treatments
  4. Supplemental insurance choices to make before your next cycle
  5. And more

With this e-book, you will be fully prepared for the common financial pitfalls that trap other unwary couples and cause them to go broke.

Kevin Haney - Owner A.S.K. Benefit SolutionsHello, my name is Kevin Haney. I am a licensed health insurance agent and former executive at a consumer credit bureau. I am the founder of A.S.K. Benefit Solutions, the health insurance agency authoring the content of the website.

Our mission is to help couples make having a baby financially safer, and more affordable.

You are intelligent enough to know that there is a way around most people’s mistakes when paying for medical treatment.

IVF clinics rarely discuss these nasty surprises even though they happen to almost one-third of couples. These mistakes include –

  1. Needing to pay for multiple cycles out-of-pocket
  2. Exhausting your savings and running out of money to adopt
  3. Conceiving multiples which rack up huge medical bills during an extended NICU stay
  4. Missing months of work before and after delivery during mom’s unpaid maternity leave

If you are a couple seeking IVF treatment, do not wait any longer.

You deserve genuine help. You owe it to yourself to find a way through this to the end, without going broke. Do not try to figure it out alone. Get real advice from an expert.

So, there you are.

Right now, you have got a once in a lifetime shot.

Get access to the “How to pay IVF without Insurance” e-book – for just $49.95.



Is it worth it?

Well, considering couples facing costs up to $15,000 per cycle without even guaranteeing they will bring home a baby. I think that at $49.95 what you are getting here is a steal!

But you’ve got to act now because this very limited offer could be gone at any time.