Paying fo rexpensive home repairs is never easy – unless you have piles of cash laying around.

Charities sometimes lend a helping hand to target groups such as the elderly or single mothers.

The rest of us may need to borrow money. Learn the pros and cons of unsecured vs secured loans.


When financing hardwood flooring and carpeting projects, homeowners have two main choices.

Tapping into funds from a lender upfront frees your to choose the contractor and supplier with the best price and service.

Relying on financing from the flooring company reduces choices, and opend the door for promotional rates – with a catch.


How do you calculate the cost of financing a hot tub when you pledge the equity in your house as collateral?

Please avoid risking foreclosure just to enjoy soaking in warm water at the end of a hard day. Unsecured loans and rent to own contracts work much better.


The primary financing alternatives for replacement windows and siding follow a similar pattern with one notable exception.

Homeowners can factor in the possible energy savings when replacing drafty windows. Also, grants for asbestos removal play a big role in older homes.


People have plenty of options when it comes to financing home improvement projects. Therefore, we broke down the pros and cons of the fifteen most common programs.

Each homeowner has unique needs and qualifications such as equity, credit score, and income levels. Most pots have an ideal lid.