Home Improvement & Repair Financing Programs

Government home improvement and repair assistance programs only stretch so far. You may find limits on the size and scope of specific grants, or you may not qualify because your income is too high, or the project does not align with federal priorities, such as saving energy.

Home improvement financing and loan programs can close these gaps. However, many families have poor borrowing credentials or little equity to pledge as collateral.

Sometimes, creative approaches are the best way to solve problems. Learn alternative ways to raise money many people never consider.

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Articles on this Topic

Government-Backed Loans for Roof Replacement & Repair

If you can’t afford a new roof, borrowing money is an option for this costly home repair project. Many homeowners qualify for home improvement loans because they have sufficient income, equity, and solid credit scores. Some homeowners must seek help …
Two children playing in swimming pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool Financing No Credit Check

Shoppers have several options to finance an above-ground swimming pool without a credit check, a needed requirement if you have an adverse history on your consumer report or have yet to establish a borrowing record. Some personal loan lenders make …
Couple holding keys to their dream home

Home Improvement Loans with Bad Credit & No Equity

How do you get a home improvement loan when you have two strikes against you: poor credit history and no equity in your property? No equity means that your mortgage balance exceeds the property’s value, and therefore, you cannot pledge …
appliances in grocery carts

Financing Home Appliances No Credit Check: Pay Monthly

People with weak borrowing credentials often look to finance home appliance purchases without a credit check, thinking this is the only way to arrange monthly payments. A consumer report with delinquencies, charge-offs, repossessions, or bankruptcy makes your quest more challenging …
Service technician working on furnace

Residential HVAC Equipment Financing: No Credit Check

Homeowners with weak borrowing credentials often attempt to finance without a credit check to enable monthly payment plans to replace residential HVAC equipment such as furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning. Given these systems’ high price tag, it might be …
Man installing hardwood flooring

Flooring Financing with No Credit Check: Pay Monthly

Financing a flooring project without a credit check is challenging because the primary options are for emergency needs only. You do not want to worsen a bad situation for home improvements that can wait. Payday cash advances do not involve …