Texas does not have a state short-term disability insurance program that covers workers in private industry and public service automatically. People who want to safeguard their income must buy coverage proactively.

Social Security disability does not cover temporary medical conditions, which occur far more frequently than permanent maladies lasting one year or longer. However, at least most people have the benefit if needed.


One parent families having children often have the acutest need for financial assistance. Unwed women struggle to balance work and caring for youngsters by herself.

Many single mothers in Texas and elsewhere live in poverty. They have difficulty saving money and often live check-to-check. A variety of government, private industry, and non-profit resources put a dent in the problem.


Prospective parents who are trying to conceive often need financial help just to bring home a baby. Couples struggling with infertility often must pay out-of-pocket for many treatments.

Texas does have an insurance mandate requiring companies to offer a plan covering IVF. However, many people are left out in the cold. In addition, the procedures often lead to lost income and extra medical expenses when mom delivers her baby.


Parents having children are not the only group needing financial assistance with medical costs. Many patients find themselves with surprise balance bills from out-of-network doctors or hospitals.

Texas has a comprehensive set of consumer protection laws that can minimize your exposure to surprise charges. They also place restrictions on methods used by collection agencies.


exas has few state-specific maternity leave laws. Federal regulations provide job protection and health continuation rights, but with qualifying criteria.

New parents have to plan accordingly and utilize savings while bonding with the newborn baby because paid time off is scarce. Those ineligible for FMLA might have to return to work sooner – unless the employee handbook of their small business employer states otherwise.