Individual Health Insurance Quotes for Parents

Online health insurance quotes help parents with growing families compare options quickly and choose the alternative that makes the most sense given their situation and medical history.

Connect with an agent licensed in your state for recommendations. Timing is a critical factor for when you can start and the type of coverage you can obtain.

Every family can begin a short-term health insurance plan at any time during the year. Meanwhile, you may have to wait for the annual open enrollment in November for traditional coverage.

People experiencing a qualifying life event can start full coverage right away.

  • Loss of insurance in the last 60 days
  • Change of residence
  • Marriage
  • Other reasons

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How to Get Cancer Treatment Without Health Insurance

Several federal and state laws and programs offer financial support to patients diagnosed with cancer while uninsured. Nobody has to worry about getting the treatment needed to fight this dread disease.

However, some people can face a maximum period of 12 months were they have to self-pay for costly medical services. Fortunately, several pathways exist to short-circuit the delay.

How to Fight Out-of-Network Balance Billing Surprises

May patients are surprised by the amounts still owed after health insurance pays the doctor or hospital bills. In-network cost-sharing features such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance add up quickly.

However, the size of balance bills from out-of-network providers are often a shock. New laws may help you to fight back against these enormous charges.

Buying Supplemental Cancer Insurance Policies

A review of the pros and cons of supplemental cancer insurance can help you decide whether purchasing a policy is worthwhile.

The drawback is that you must enroll before any diagnosis, and could pay premiums for decades and never use the coverage.

Patients diagnosed later in life see the advantages in living color.

Can’t Afford Your Employer’s Health Insurance?

Many workers find they cannot afford their employer’s group health insurance. This can happen at a small business, with part-time employees, and for families with many children.

Buying individual coverage on the state exchange could be the answer – provided you qualify for subsidies or meet Medicaid requirements in your state. Medicare is an option for seniors and the disabled.

Health Insurance Continuation After Job Termination

What happens to your health insurance after leaving your job? People have several choices, some of which are not ideal: going uncovered, paying the high premiums for COBRA, enrolling in your spouse’s group plan, or buying an individual policy.

Many people fail to realize just how much their employer contributes to their health benefits until after they leave their job. Be prepared for the transition.

Best Health Insurance for Young Adults | Parents’ Plan

Young adults reaching the age of 26 are just beginning their careers and take advantage of their parents’ health insurance as allowed by the Affordable Care Act. This is often the best option.

All bets are off after reaching this new milestone birthday. You may be able to continue on your parents’ plan or may need to purchase an individual policy. You have a 120-day grace period window for action.

Health Insurance During Disability & FMLA

Along with an unpaid maternity leave, a sudden spike in health insurance premium costs is a nasty surprise for many couples in the United States.

Many families do not discover the true cost of their healthcare coverage until they must pay the premiums themselves without an employer contribution, using post-tax dollars.