Even parents with gold-plated dental plans end up paying for the majority of costs for teenagers needing orthodontia. Straightening teeth is very expensive, and all plans leave large gaps, and many people have no coverage for braces at all.

Supplemental dental insurance makes braces and orthodontia more affordable for parents who plan, and act at the right time.


Finding a low monthly payment plan to pay for braces without insurance sounds like a great way to afford to straighten your misaligned teeth. Think again.

The primary way to lower what you owe each month entails extending the time you use somebody else’s money. This means that interest charges will pile up quickly. Reducing what you pay out-of-pocket is a better option.


Orthodontia can be very difficult to afford – especially for low-income families. Your children need straight teeth to build self-esteem and succeed later in life.

Forms of financial assistance and government grants are difficult to find because they do not always come with clear, conspicuous labels. They do exist under aliases.