Dental (Orthodontic) Braces Financial Assistance

Paying for orthodontia out-of-pocket is expensive with and without insurance. This adage holds for children and adults – although the insurance options for teenagers are much better.

Learn how dental insurance plans and our federal tax system work together to help lower your out-of-pocket costs. 

Parents often need to leave no stone unturned when looking for resources.

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Articles on this Topic

Female patient at the orthodontist

Does Medicaid Cover Braces? (Invisalign, Adults, Kids)

Does Medicaid cover braces? The answer depends on your age, the state where you live, and the reason you need to straighten your teeth. This public benefit program provides essential but not comprehensive dental care in most states, and orthodontists’ …
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Free Braces Programs For Adults, Kids: Medicaid & More

Most orthodontists do not work for free, so how can you get braces at no cost? Find a deep-pocket third party that will pick up most of the charges! Learn how to qualify for various free braces programs, recognizing that …
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Monthly Payment Plans For Braces: Orthodontic Financing

Monthly payment plans can seamlessly fit the cost of orthodontic braces into the monthly budgets of patients without dental insurance. Orthodontic financing options include personal loans, credit cards, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and incremental billing by providers. Patients with bad …
man asking "Is it necessary?"

Getting Orthodontic Braces Covered By Medical Insurance

Many patients with crooked teeth do not have a dental plan with orthodontia coverage, but most have health insurance through a private company or Medicaid. Therefore, learning to get braces covered by medical insurance might be the best way to …

Insurance for Adult Orthodontic Braces: No Waiting Period

Dental insurance that covers braces for adults with no waiting period is an oxymoron: a self-contradicting group of words. Insurance covers unforeseen future hazards, while most adults with crooked teeth see the need for orthodontia and want Invisalign treatment to …
man with braces looking through magnifying glass

Finding Local Orthodontists Accepting Medicaid for Braces

How do you find an orthodontist who accepts Medicaid for braces close to home? Many providers choose not to participate because the reimbursement rates are meager, and the program does not cover adults over 21 unless the braces are medically …