Dental Care With Medicaid for Adults Offers Help

Low-income families, disabled individuals, and dual-eligible seniors on Medicare can sometimes pay for dental care with their Medicaid plan.

When Medicaid covers a specific dental service, your out-of-pocket costs will be nominal – if you can find a local provider willing to accept the meager reimbursement rates.

Your experience depends significantly on the rules in the state where you live.

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Does Medicaid Cover Adult Dental Implants in Your State

There is one correct answer to whether Medicaid covers dental implants for adults: probably not 100%! The Medicaid rules for dental care in your state and the reason for replacing teeth affect how much of the costs the program will …
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Does Medicaid Cover Adult Dental Work in Your State?

Determining whether Medicaid covers a specific dental procedure for adults requires detective work. This post provides helpful clues for you to follow. Treatments covered differ based on the state, why needed, plan type, and other option prices. Each state has …

Dentists That Accept Medicaid and Medicare For Adults

Dual-eligible recipients (disabled adults receiving SSDI and retired seniors with few resources) have Medicare and Medicaid coverage. However, finding a local dentist who accepts both programs is challenging because the overlap area is small. Medicare Parts A & B do …
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Does Medicaid Cover Dentures For Adults? How Often, If So?

A seemingly simple question, “Does Medicaid cover dentures for adults?” can have a complicated answer. First, the state where you live matters, as thirty-four support claims for false teeth, while sixteen do not. Second, the thirty-four states have different underwriting …
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How To Find Dentists Accepting Adult Medicaid (Over 21)

Finding dentists who accept Medicaid for adults over 21 is straightforward. Search engine queries will only lead you in endless circles. The Dental Benefits Manager (DBM) selected by your state publishes an online provider directory that creates a list of …
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Local Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Accepting Medicaid

Generating a reliable list of oral and maxillofacial surgeons who accept your Medicaid plan is more involved than many think. Medicaid has a dual nature. It has a health insurance component with consistent coverage nationwide and a dental insurance element …