Supplemental dental insurance provides an interesting way to make financing of implants more affordable, even for patients with a poor credit history.

Why borrow money to pay for a treatment when a third party may help you make payments? If you can afford to wait before beginning treatment, this option may work for you.


How can you afford your dental implants or dentures is you cannot estimate your out-of-pocket costs? Know what you are likely to spend before you undergo the procedure.

Knowing the average costs helps you shop around to find the right periodontists, and enables you to take advantage of several forms of financial assistance.


What is the best way to afford dental implant surgery or dentures? Have somebody else give you the money via financial assistance or by government grants.

Unfortunately, charitable organizations rarely provide help for cosmetic procedures. However, the government provides grants hidden in the tax code.


Many traditional dental plans do not cover implants or leave patients paying a majority of the procedure costs. Medicare does not provide dental benefits at all. Seniors need implants more frequently than any other population segment.

Supplemental dental insurance covers implants after a waiting period. Make the procedure more affordable with proper planning to maximize savings.