Dental Procedure Costs With & Without Insurance

Many uninsured patients wonder about the cost of a specific dental procedure when they have to pay the full amount out-of-pocket.

Well, guess what? If you need one form of oral care, chances are you will need something else later on.

At some point, you may want to invest in dental insurance and hold on until the waiting periods expire. Use the cost estimations covered in these pages to calculate your break-even point. Otherwise, continue to roll the dice and hope for the best.

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Articles on this Topic

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Periodontal Treatment Costs With & Without Insurance

If your family dentist has referred you to a periodontist for specialized treatment, now may be the time to invest in your oral health. Comparing the costs of periodontal treatment with and without insurance for patients with gum disease makes …
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Can’t Afford A Root Canal? Payment Plans & Free Services

A single root canal without insurance costs $300, ranging to $2,000 depending on the type of infected tooth. The average price of a crown is about $1,250. What should you do if you cannot afford up to $3,250 in fees …
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How Much Do Dentures Cost With Extractions With Insurance?

The cost of extractions and dentures with insurance depends on many factors: expense-sharing, imitations, removal reasons, and the type of false teeth. In other words, there is no single correct answer. First, people might have coverage through Medicare or Medicaid …