Minnesota short-term disability insurance provides twin benefits. A temporary disability policy protects your paycheck in two ways: for accidents and illnesses.

You rely on your income to pay the mortgage, car payments, and other ongoing daily expenses. It may make sense to insure your income to secure your ability to meet future expenses.

You may face an unpaid maternity leave disability. Find out how short-term disability works in Minnesota:

MN Short-Term Disability Benefits

Minnesota short-term disability insurance benefits are derived by factoring in the monthly amount, the elimination period, and the payment duration. MN does not offer state temporary benefits, but options exist through private short-term disability channels.

A private policy will replace up to two-thirds of your monthly income. There is often a hard dollar cap of five thousand to sixty five hundred dollars per month. The elimination period describes how quickly benefits are paid after a covered accident or illness. The payment duration describes how long payments last before they stop.

Maternity Leave

MN short-term disability for maternity leave can relieve some of your pending motherhood related stress. Relax more and worry less. If you are trying to get pregnant, make an effort to purchase coverage that rewards your successful outcome: a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby!

A policy makes cash payments for normal childbirth. The length of benefit duration depends upon the type of delivery: vaginal (6 weeks) or C-section (8 weeks). Your benefit will be offset by an elimination period of either one or two weeks. The premium you pay in advance of bringing home your baby may be a small fraction of what may be paid back in benefits to your family.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

In Minnesota, short-term disability for pregnancy may also replace your income in case of:

  • Pregnancy bed rest due to medical reasons
  • Postpartum bleeding and other maladies
  • Illnesses that might strike anyone
  • Accidents that could happen at any time

Accidents and Illnesses

Accidents can happen at any time, in any place. The most common place to suffer an injury is right in the home. You could be walking down the steps, slicing carrots in the kitchen, slipping on a wet floor. One minute you are fine, the next you are out of work for weeks or months.

Growing families are younger. Young people are healthier. However, even young women can get sick. Autoimmune disease strikes women three times more than men are affected. When a condition flares up it could mean weeks of missed work and lost income. Periodic bouts of medical unemployment can wreak havoc with family finances.

Short-term disability insurance in Minnesota covers these non-pregnancy medical events as well!

Coverage for Employees

If you are seeking a policy covering normal childbirth, you have to look in the right place. Maternity leave income comes only through policies covering childbirth. Policies sold directly to individuals do not fit this description. Only MN short-term disability employee benefits meet this need.

This fact dissuades many people from purchasing valuable coverage that protects income during pregnancy, and while on maternity leave. Get a short-term disability quote to see how everything works. The value you find illustrated may motivate you to take the extra steps needed.

MN Disability Insurance Laws

Minnesota does not offer or mandate coverage. Minnesota state short-term disability insurance does not exist. There is no law mandating that employers offer coverage, or for employees to buy the policies. Everything is handled voluntarily.

The state administers the Social Security Disability program, but that does not address temporary disabilities. You must be permanently disabled to collect this benefit.

The State of Minnesota administers a disability insurance program addressing on the job medical events. There are separate regulations for disabilities broken down into four categories: total temporary, partial temporary, total permanent and partial permanent. If you are injured while working, this state-based program will provide income replacement.

State family leave regulations provide for unpaid job-protected leave. However, income replacement is left for employers and workers to address through private policies.

Getting a Policy

Policies that cover complications of pregnancy only can be sold direct, handled over the phone, and through the mail. If you want coverage for normal pregnancy, that is a worksite only product. A local agent in the MN area would need to visit your office to set up your employer account and take your application.

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