Pennsylvania short-term disability insurance is an important option for families needing to protect income. Do not assume that the state offers a mandatory program.

A private policy may restore a large portion of your earnings in the event you are unable to work because of a variety of medical conditions: illnesses, injuries, pregnancy complications, and postpartum disorders.

You may cover maternity leave after a happy and healthy childbirth.

  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Policy applications and claim forms
  • Pennsylvania disability laws

PA Disability Application Forms

If you are looking for application forms, remember that Pennsylvania does not have mandatory state short-term disability insurance. You must have private coverage in place in order to file a claim for benefits.

There are claim forms to apply for benefits for a private policy you purchased in advance of your need, and application forms to purchase a policy in order to begin coverage.

Applying for Benefits

There is one hard and fast rule. You must apply to purchase a policy, and have it in force prior to filing a claim for benefits. If you have a need to file a claim and do not have a policy in force, no state or private program will replace your income.

Debt relief application. If you already owe more than $10,000 in credit card and other unsecured debt, you may fall hopelessly behind on payments without an income. In addition, your health condition may lead to unpaid medical bills. A settlement program may help.

Apply for a short-term loan if you do not have a private policy already in force. Get the cash you need while you are temporarily unable to work. Complete a simple online application form to get started.

Apply for short-term disability benefits if you did purchase a private policy prior to becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. Complete your carrier’s claim form. Your doctor and employer may also need to sign the paperwork.

Purchasing a Policy

In Pennsylvania, you must complete an application to purchase short-term disability insurance before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. Policies exclude preexisting health conditions for twelve months. You must prove that you are healthy enough to qualify. Begin by requesting a quote based on the type of coverage you need.

Begin by requesting an online quote to estimate the monthly premiums. An agent will ask you to provide income verification and answer medical questions. You may be asked to provide blood and/or urine samples if purchasing a policy directly. The agent will submit the policy application to the carrier for underwriting review.

Women planning to have children fare better when purchasing through the worksite – provided her employer offers a voluntary option. If not, an individual policy is a reasonable alternative. See the maternity leave section below.


PA Short-Term Disability Benefits

Pennsylvania does not have mandatory state temporary disability. A personal short-term disability policy in PA is a critically important purchase for any working woman planning to bear children. When started before conception, your policy may make cash payments of six or eight weeks after normal childbirth. Enjoy your time bonding with your newborn.

Complications of pregnancy that occur before delivery and postpartum problems may also be covered. Once you are already expecting the window of opportunity to buy a policy will be closed. Learn how to get a policy covering normal childbirth.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Many women experience medical complications during her pregnancy. It is quite common for a doctor to order bed rest or request that mom stops working prior to delivery. Many couples find it hard to afford an unpaid maternity leave. When additional unpaid time away from the job is added before delivery, the financial consequences can be devastating.

Your contract may help support your income if you leave work prior to delivery with a doctor’s note. Make sure you purchase a policy with at least a twelve-month benefits duration to span your entire pregnancy, maternity leave, and a cushion in case postpartum problems delay your return to work.

Short-term disability for pregnancy in PA may replace your income during pregnancy bed rest. You can purchase these policies directly.

Maternity Leave

Short-term disability in PA can provide maternity leave income. Your policy will make either a six or eight-week cash payment after normal childbirth, depending upon the type of delivery: vaginal, or C-section. Your elimination period must be satisfied before these benefits are paid. Most policies designed to cover childbirth come with a one or two week elimination period. Policies with higher monthly benefits amounts will be coupled with the two-week elimination period.

Most policies include nine-month exclusions for normal pregnancy and childbirth. Purchase your policy a few months before conception to avoid delivering inside the exclusion period. Not every pregnancy lasts exactly nine months. In fact, many deliver preterm and it is possible to conceive after your policy effective date yet still give birth inside the exclusion period.

PA Short-Term Disability Laws

It is difficult to find any specific Pennsylvania short-term disability laws. State temporary disability is not mandatory in PA, but there are other rules that spell out certain rights for residents and workers.

Time of Conception

Pregnancy-related illnesses and recovery from childbirth are the most common claims reasons. Many couples begin this journey using fertility treatments. While Pennsylvania has no infertility insurance laws, six neighboring states have laws that may apply to state residents.

Family Leave

Family leave laws in PA provide job protection rights. There is no law providing paid leave benefits payments.

State Employees

Pennsylvania state employees are not offered the opportunity to purchase coverage at work. The state offers its employees a variety of supplemental insurance options, but short-term disability in not included as an option. There is a long-term disability option with a sixty day elimination period choice. Union members should contact their representative to see if something is available through this channel.

State workers in Pennsylvania may request up to six months of extended parental care leave. This is unpaid leave without continuation of health entitlements.

Child Support

A parent’s child support obligation is determined by tracking all sources of income including wages and salary, bonuses, business income, interest and dividends, alimony, Social Security Disability, and temporary disability payments.

Collecting Unemployment

Pennsylvania unemployment laws do not permit workers to collect compensation if they are unable to work because of a sickness, injury, or disability. This is the purpose of temporary disability insurance.

Department of Labor

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor provides information about income assistance programs for state residents. The bureau of vocational rehabilitation helps people with hearing, physical, learning, cognitive, metabolic, mood, and behavioral impairments. There are also programs for people who are blind or visually impaired, and deaf or hard of hearing. The bureau of disability determination helps people with disabilities expected to last one year or more.

The worker’s compensation bureau helps people who were injured while working on the job. PA short-term disability insurance covers off the job accidents and illnesses only.

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