Short-term disability insurance in Massachusetts provides vital assistance. In fact, anyone who is unable to pay his or her regular bills while unable to work may benefit.

Many workers assume that the state offers something to replace their income while they are unable to work. They learn the hard way that a state mandated Massachusetts temporary disability program does not exist.

Discover your options if you are pregnant, currently disabled, or want to buy coverage for future conditions.

  • Where and how to apply
  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Massachusetts disability laws

Applying for MA Short Term Disability

Many people ask, “How do I apply for short-term disability in Massachusetts.” The question sometimes means different things. It could mean how to file a claim, or how to apply to purchase a new policy.

You must purchase a policy before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. You must have coverage in force to be eligible to file a claim. Massachusetts does not have a state-mandated temporary disability program.

Filing Your Claim

You do not qualify to file a claim for short-term disability benefits in Massachusetts if you did not purchase private coverage before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. If you commute across the border to work in Rhode Island, you may be eligible to file a claim under that program.

You Did Not Purchase a Private Policy

If you are expecting, have a medical condition that may cause you to miss work in the future, or you are currently disabled, you have limited options if you did not purchase private short-term disability insurance in advance of your need.

Debt relief application. Lost income combined with added medical expenses constitute a financial hardship.

  • You qualify if you owe more than $10,000 in unsecured obligations – including medical debt.
  • A settlement program can reduce the amounts you must repay.

Request a short-term loan for immediate financial assistance.

  • If you are expecting a baby, get extra cash to help pay your bills while you enjoy time bonding with your baby after giving birth.
  • If you are temporarily unable to work due to a medical condition, additional money to cover regular expenses can help you cover your regular ongoing expenses until you can return to work.

You Did Purchase Private Coverage

Apply for short-term disability benefits if you did purchase private coverage prior to becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant. You may be eligible to file a claim.

  • Download the claim form from the company’s website.
  • Have your doctor certify in writing the medical reason why you cannot work.
  • Have your employer verify that they are no longer paying you.
  • Submit the completed form to the issuing company.

Apply to Purchase a New Policy

In Massachusetts, you should apply to purchase short-term disability insurance before getting sick, hurt, or pregnant. You must be healthy enough to qualify for coverage. A new policy will not cover preexisting conditions.

Begin by requesting a quote to determine the monthly premium cost for the configuration that meets your needs. An agent will provide you with an estimated monthly premium cost for an ideal feature configuration, and help you complete policy application forms to begin your coverage. You may need to ask your employer for voluntary benefits depending upon your needs.

MA Short Term Disability Benefits

Massachusetts short-term disability benefits can safeguard your paycheck in the event a medical issue prevented you from working to earn an income. You expect your future earnings to pay your mortgage, car payments, etc. Buying a policy helps make sure that your earnings continue.

If you were unable to work this year because of a medical event, how long could you pay your bills before falling behind? Many couples have only a few months of savings tucked away for emergencies – if any at all. You may want to consider purchasing an individual policy.

Calculating Benefits

Your policy can replace up to sixty percent of your gross earnings or $6,500 per month – whichever is less. Cash payments come tax-free, so you the amount you have left can be quite close to what you made while working.

Payments begin after satisfying the policy elimination period. The elimination period is the length of time you before payments begin. Benefits can continue for as long as 24 months if you remain unable to work due to a medical reason and your doctor certifies this in writing periodically. You can choose between benefits durations of three months, six months, twelve months, or twenty-four months.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Short-term disability for pregnancy in MA can alleviate financial anxiety. Twenty-five percent of pregnant women will experience complications prior to delivery. Many women with high-risk pregnancies take bed rest as ordered by their doctor. This often translates into unpaid leave from work when a family is least able to afford the lost income. Your policy may replace your income while on bed rest for a covered medical reason.

Maternity Leave

Short-term disability for maternity leave pays a six-week benefit for a vaginal birth and an eight-week benefit for your cesarean delivery. Your expected benefit may be several multiples of your premium cost. You also have coverage in case of unexpected medical events that may crop up and force you to stop working: pregnancy and delivery issues, injuries, or sickness.

  • Get cash payments while recovering from labor and delivery
  • Take care of your infant
  • Get the rest needed to fully recover

If you are contemplating getting pregnant, buy your policy now. Coverage must begin preconception. Policies contain exclusions for normal childbirth that last for 270 days. Make sure to start your policy a few months before you plan to get pregnant. You may conceive at any time, and almost 12% of babies deliver pre-term. Do not risk missing payments for your normal childbirth.

Massachusetts Disability Laws

Massachusetts state disability insurance is one entitlement program not available to workers as in other progressive states. Massachusetts does not have state mandated programs.

Some workers who commute to work out of state to either New York or Rhode Island may be covered under those plans. These state plans apply to people who work in their jurisdiction, rather than to people who reside there.

Social Security

If you are permanently unable to earn an income or expecting to miss more than one year of work, you should contact MA Disability Determination Services (DDS). This department administers Social Security benefits.

Related Regulations

The Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act and other state laws provide unpaid job-protected leave. Income replacement was left up to individual employees.

Workers Compensation is another MA mandated program that supports income during the time you are incapable of working. However, this program covers on the job accidents and illnesses only.

Purchase short-term disability prior to conception to lock in maternity pay benefits. The Massachusetts infertility and IVF mandate makes conception more affordable and signals the ideal purchase scenario.