Louisiana short-term disability insurance is ideal for growing families in the Pelican State. Often expenses pile up when having children, just as mom’s income goes away during maternity leave.

Any family can suffer a loss of income when an accident or illness prevents a parent from working.

Learn how short term disability insurance works in Louisiana. Scan the key points outlined below and follow the links for further explanations about:

  • Applications and claim forms
  • Qualifying conditions including pregnancy
  • Applicable state laws protecting job rights

Louisiana Short Term Disability Benefits

A private short-term disability policy in Louisiana can protect your income in case you miss work temporarily because of a covered accident or illness. Your health and ability to earn money may be your biggest asset.

Louisiana does not have state mandated temporary disability program. You must purchase a private policy before getting sick, hurt, or pregnant in order to qualify for benefits.

Filing Claim for Benefits

Since Louisiana does not have a state-mandated program, you may have very few options to file a claim for benefits if you are currently unable to work or expect you will be soon. You must have a private policy already in place in order for an insurance company to honor your claim.

Debt relief application if you owe more than $10,000 in unsecured obligations. Lost income means you are suffering a hardship, which may qualify you for a settlement program.

Request a short-term loan if you do not have private coverage in force. Get the emergency cash you need to pay your regular bills while you are unable to work.

Apply for short-term disability benefits if you already have a private policy. Both a medical doctor and the employer must sign the claims form before submission to the issuing company.

Policy Application Forms

You must purchase a private policy in order to enjoy income protection for future accidents, illnesses, and pregnancies. A licensed agent can help you complete a policy application form. A new policy will exclude preexisting conditions for twelve months.

Begin by requesting an online quote to estimate monthly premium costs and compare policy features. Men and women past childbearing age can easily obtain an ideal policy without involving their employer. Ladies planning to conceive fare better by purchasing at work – if their employer offers a voluntary option. If not, buying an individual policy directly is the next best alternative.

Your employer may also need to complete an account application form for women seeking policies that cover normal childbirth. If your employer already offers an option, you can skip this step.

Benefit Amounts

Short-term disability in Louisiana can replace up to sixty percent of your gross earnings up to $6,500 per month. File a claim with the carrier when the need arises. Benefits payments last up to 24 months depending upon the length of the duration selected at time of application.

You choose the elimination period at the time of application. The elimination period describes how quickly benefits payments begins. Get a short-term disability quote to determine premium costs and compare to possible benefits.

Job Security

Short-term disability does not provide job protection or job security in Louisiana. The policy replaces income. Job protection hinges upon family leave laws and the decisions or the employer. Anyone losing their job while recovering from an accident or illnesses can benefit from a source of income replacement.

Short Term Disability Qualifying Conditions

In Louisiana, the short-term disability insurance qualifying conditions work the same way as in other states. Most policies will cover a person’s inability to perform the primary duties of his or her full-time occupation due to a covered accident or illness. So what are those covered conditions?

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Many women will experience complications of pregnancy prior to delivery. Half of women filing claims for normal childbirth also file claims for pregnancy bed rest.

Your options are more limited if you are already pregnant and looking for a policy. You may qualify for government assistance, and can lower costs in a variety of ways. Benefits for pregnancy bed rest are payable only when coverage begins prior to conception.

Maternity Leave

Short-term disability for maternity leave in Louisiana can help parents with growing families put aside their financial worries. If you are hoping to have a baby, you can purchase a policy that makes payments when you are perfectly healthy: after your normal childbirth!

The policy makes payments for six weeks after a normal vaginal delivery, or eight weeks after a normal C-section birth. The benefits payments begin after satisfying an elimination period: either one or two weeks depending upon the amount of monthly income replaced by the policy.

The amount you receive in cash payments while you recover from childbirth may greatly exceed the total of monthly premium payments made prior to conception, and during your pregnancy. This helps make the policies self-funding for many parents planning to start or grow a family.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is very common after giving birth. If you are physically able to resume working, but postpartum depression makes it difficult to do so, your short-term disability policy may stop making payments. Depression and many forms of mental illness are typically not covered. Check your policy language.

Louisiana Short Term Disability Laws

Louisiana does not have any laws mandating state short-term disability benefits. Employers are not required to offer the programs, and employees are not required to have the coverage.

Social Security Disability benefits are the only option. Claims are paid only for total disability. Nothing is paid for partial or for temporary conditions. Contact the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services. This department makes determinations and administers claims for state residents.

Work Leave Laws

Private and state employers in Louisiana with more than 25 workers must treat maternity, childbirth, and related medical conditions the same as any other temporary disability. Private employers subject to the mandate are not required to provide leave in excess of six weeks for normal childbirth. The employer is not required to provide medical insurance that covers pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions.

Any employer must provide up to four months of leave to a female employee unable to work because of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition. Employers must agree to transfer an expectant employee to a less strenuous position if done so for other temporarily disabled employees.

Family Building Legislation

The Louisiana infertility mandate requires certain health insurance plans to cover select infertility treatments. Access to these benefits can make conception more affordable. Treatments signal a disabling medical event that may occur nine months later.